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Character Work

DislyteMobile Game

  • Fabrice (Freyr)

EndoparasiticVideo Game

  • ​Pravi 

HaumaVideo Game

  • JB

ELEGIES: AyaVisual Novel

  • Mr. Wint

Knight Cats: Leaves on the RoadVideo Game

  • Shavan and Guards of Honor

OMG I'm Dating a VampireAudio Drama

  • David

Sencha Cinema SocietyVisual Novel

  • Doku


American Pharmacists Association – Web Video

Plot Armor / Plot Armor Comics / Out of Animation / Out of Japan Youtube

TargetTraining Video

Calm – Mobile app

  • Sleep Story: A Day in Da Nang

Tight RopeMovie

  • Harry

Troubled WatersMovie

  • ​Additional Voices 


  • David

Broken PromiseMovie

  • Additional Voices



Voice Acting 101 – Deb Munro

Private Coaching David Rosenthal

Anime ADR – June Yoon & Jason Lord

Intermediate Voice Acting Technique Tony Oliver

1 on 1 Coaching – Michael Allan Schneider

Video Games and Animation Workshop Brook Chalmers

Private Coaching – Crispin Freeman

Are-U-Game - PCB Productions

Voice Acting WorkshopCrispin Freeman

Natural Commercial Reads – Joe Hernandez

ADR From Home Workshop – Tony Oliver

Anime & Video Games Voice-Over Workshop Brianna Knickerbocker

Voice Acting Battle Chest – Andrea Toyias

Casting Director for a Day Andrea Toyias

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